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The long tail of audio

I spent this past weekend at the Third Coast public radio conference in Chicago. In many of the sessions, and hallway conversations, and up-way-too-late-at-a-public-radio-conference-mostly-drunk rants, you could feel a sense of renewed excitement around podcasting, and the wave of independence and entrepreneurship we’re seeing in this space. Then, this morning in my inbox, via Seth’s […]

“The details are not the details. They make the design.”

So the other day, on the walk back from the grocery store, I listened to this past week’s On The Media. It began with a question: is the Golden Age of content sustainable, or just a supernova, a dying star burning exceptionally bright? Then, thirty-one minutes and forty-five seconds later, a small bit of instrumental […]

Radio, comics, and abstraction

It’s been on my “to watch” list for quite a while, and today I finally got around to watching Jad Abumrad’s presentation at MaxFunCon 2010. In it, Jad uses many examples from Radiolab (and borrows heavily from Walter Murch) to create a model that explains the relationship between words, music, various types of sound effects, and […]

Full list of CBC Music direct URLs

Update July 18, 2013: CBC Music has posted an official list of streams (thx, Colan) === CBC just launched a new music service, imaginatively titled CBC Music. It offers access to 40 web radio stations, a vast array of music and blog posts by CBC personalities through a website and via mobile apps. Rather than listen […]

Alternative for alternative’s sake

Back in the early part of the last decade, when I was studying at Dalhousie and King’s, I spent a big chunk of my time at the small but mighty CKDU, our (then) 50-watt campus/community radio station. My time there was, in a word, formational. I knew I wanted to make radio, but the thing […]

“The atomic element is the story”

A little while ago, I wrote about why I think segmentation matters for on-demand radio. In an interview with the Nieman Journalism Lab, This American Life production manager Seth Lind agrees: [U]sers often don’t want the whole show. “Right now people often share an episode, but they’ll say, ‘Act 3!’ Or, ‘Fast-forward to this time!’” […]

Segmentation matters

This American Life has split its back catalog of shows up into individual stories (or “acts” in TAL parlance): First off, on each episode page, in addition to the big PLAY button at the top, there are now play buttons for individual stories. No more shuttling through audio to get to that one story your […]

Live radio + realtime social media

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of doing a short talk on “social media” for many of the hosts and producers of local and regional CBC Radio afternoon shows. I’ve talked about social media and radio before, mostly in the context of Spark. But here’s the thing: local and regional afternoon shows are completely different […]

Accepting the things I cannot change

Rob Paterson: My big lesson at NPR was that it is too hard to try and change an entire system. Best to find one or two vectors for change. I have found that a few stations and people will get it and they will discover the new and then spread it.

My plan to stay relevant (and employed)

Over the past little while, I’ve been reading and thinking a lot about a new type of media job: a hybrid position that some people are calling “programmer-journalist.” Witness, for example: From in 2007: Meet the First Two Journalist- Programmers about Brian Boyer and Ryan Mark, both winners of Knight News Challenge scholarships From […]