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This is Radio

I just finished watching this episode of Andrew Norton‘s This is Radio, all about Roman Mars’s 99% Invisible: Really lovely. Looking forward to watching the other installments.

Patrick Stewart pledge drive messages

Patrick Stewart’s WNYC pledge drive spots seem custom-made for people (like me) who: a) enjoy public radio b) grew up loving Star Trek: The Next Generation. I’m willing to bet there’s a fair amount of overlap in that particular Venn diagram. Listen to all four spots over at PRX. (Via Stephen Quinn)

Flipboard does audio, and why segmentation matters

Today, Flipboard added audio playback controls and a new Audio category to its app: The section is searchable but comes with recommended SoundCloud users, as well as popular shows from NPR (National Public Radio) and PRI (Public Radio International). I’ve played with the new Flipboard for a while, and it’s yet another example of why  segmentation matters, and how for public […]

The Gap

PRX’s Jake Shapiro, on what he calls the public media developer gap: I look around our public media field and beyond and see a worrisome gap. As public broadcasting goes through its own turbulent transition to a new Internet and mobile world, the technology talent gap is a risk that looms large. Yes, there are […]

An open API for public media

So, according to Poynter, all the big US public media organizations are getting together to work on an open API: “I really err on the side of openness and inclusiveness,” [CEO of PRX Jake] Shapiro said. Public media, he said, is uniquely suited for this work because of its public service mission — “to make […]

Ira Glass on how the internet has changed public radio

After a summer squatting at The Fifth Column, Jesse Brown now has a proper blog over at TVO, and in the first episode of this season’s Search Engine he interviews his radio hero (and mine) Ira Glass about how the internet has changed public radio: If you’re a public radio geek, it’s really worth a […]

Adam Davidson explains the explainer

Via Robert Paterson’s weblog, a great video of NPR’s Adam Davidson, explaining how they approached the incredibly complicated subject of the housing crisis for This American Life’s The Giant Pool of Money and the Planet Money podcast: As you’ll see in the video, Davidson thinks that journalists are too reluctant to acknowledge their own ignorance […]

Video: Ira Glass at the Gel Conference

It’s about surprise and humour. It’s a bit of Storytelling 101 (event leads to event leads to event leads to universal truth). But it’s mostly about craft, and if you tell stories, it’s totally worth 32 minutes of your time. From 2007, here’s Ira Glass at the Gel Conference: Present again is Ira’s familiar “taking […]