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The Prosecast is back

Good news in my inbox yesterday. My former podcast-labelmate Cathi Bond (of The Sniffer fame) has launched the second season of her Prosecast for HarperCollins Canada. The first edition features an interview with Vikram Chandra (NYT review of his novel “Sacred Games”). Congratulations Cathi, and best of luck with the new season.

Interview with Dave Brodbeck

Dave Brodbeck   over Skype tonight. We talked about the podcast, the band, and the miracle of Craigslist. Dave is one hell of a cool guy. We met at Podcasters Across Borders a couple of weeks back. Since meeting, I’ve been amazed to discover that he does three (!) podcasts: Broca’s Area, Thunderbird Six, plus […]

The kids these days and their podcasts

Tristan and I have started another video podcast. It’s called Canadian Heritage Vignettes. It is short, subtitled, shot entirely with my digital camera, and will probably be updated infuriatingly infrequently. You might also want to check out the newest Collective Production. It’s called The Podcast of My Discontent, and it features (probably) more Tristan Homer […]

I love iSquint

I do, I really do. iSquint is the program that I use on my Macintosh to turn huge DV files into iPod video compatible files for the Jim Dupree podcast. Now, there are a lot of ways to do this, and I’ve tried several, but by far, iSquint is the easiest and fastest. The program […]

Interviewed today for G4techTV

Amber MacArthur interviewed Tristan and me today about Jim Dupree: Enthusiast for a G4techTV show called Torrent. Basically, Torrent takes video podcasts, and puts them on television. It was nice to be asked to participate, but strange. Our podcast is so unbelievably silly, it’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to ask serious questions about it. […]