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How many top podcasts use SSL feeds?

In early 2016, Apple added support for SSL-secured podcast feeds.[1] I wanted to get a sense of how many shows are taking advantage of this, so I grabbed a list of the top 200 podcasts in iTunes (US), along with their feed URLs. A few observations: Only 11 of the top 200 shows (5.5%) use […]

iTunes Smart App Banners work for podcasts, too

Starting with iOS 6, Apple introduced Smart App Banners. If you’re an iPhone person, you’ve probably seen these things at the top of mobile websites, prompting you to download a corresponding app. They link right to the iTunes app store. I recently learned that iTunes Smart App Banners aren’t just for apps. They work for […]

Podcasts are based on loyalty

Speaking of audio (not) going viral, in episode 76 of Unprofessional, Marco Arment makes an important point about podcast listenership: [47:46] Podcasts are a very different kind of medium than most other things on the web. Most “new media” is all about getting this flood of hits, and things “going viral” (or whatever that means), and […]

My new favourite iPhone app: Instacast

I love podcasts. I listen to a lot of podcasts. And almost exclusively, I use my iPhone to listen to podcasts. But heres’s the thing: subscribing to and downloading new podcasts to my iPhone is fiddly. Syncing with iTunes on my Mac is fiddly. Downloading new episodes a-la-carte via the iTunes app on iOS is fiddly. […]

Jim Dupree is back

Ever since the final episode of Jim Dupree: Enthusiast about a year and a half ago, people have asked, “Are you ever going to make more episodes?” The answer for a long time was, “No.” But as of yesterday, that answer changed. Starting on Groundhog Day 2008 (yesterday), we started to release season four of […]

Jim Dupree: Official Festival Selection Enthusiast

So a year ago, Tristan and I made thirty episodes of a video podcast called Jim Dupree: Enthusiast. It was reasonably well-received, so we stopped doing it. Now it turns out that videoblogger extraordinaire Steve Garfield is a curator at The American Film Institute’s Pixelodeon festival in Los Angeles this year. And he’s included Jim […]

The Hour Podcast

Scanning through the iTunes podcast directory today, I came across something called The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos Video Podcast. Now, iTunes doesn’t easily let you see the feed information for podcasts listed in its directory, but if you ping a feed (using its ID from the Music Store URL) like this: You get: Podcast […]

Filling in on Editor’s Choice again

Angela Misri’s on jury duty for a while, so in her absence, I’m filling in for her on the CBC Editor’s Choice podcast. You can download individual episodes from the program page, or subscribe to the RSS feed.