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Kickstarter hides failure

(TL;DR: Kickstarter does not want you to see failed projects. Failed Kickstarter campaign pages include robot meta tags to keep search engines from indexing them. Plus, Kickstarter’s front page and “Discover” interface never show failed projects. Ever.) Update @ 17:30 CET: In response to some great feedback over at Hacker News, I’ve made a few edits below […]

Comcast, use-based pricing, and Canada

In the U.S., Comcast is experimenting with “use-based pricing” (which sounds an awful lot like usage-based billing). The NYT reports: In the test markets, 300 gigabytes will be the monthly allotment of data for a basic broadband Internet customer. From there, Comcast will try charging a premium for additional data. In one of the tests, […]

Why the wait on Google+ for businesses? Ads.

So far, Google+ is for people only. Google has advised businesses, organizations, and brands — basically, any entity that isn’t an individual human being — to hold off on setting up a Google+ presence. Eventually though, Google will allow businesses to join. Over at VentureBeat, Jolie O’Dell quotes a nameless Google spokesperson: While Google is […]

Correlation ≠ Causation

Lee Rainnie, director of the Pew Internet and American Life project, from this week’s On the Media, speaking about social isolation and internet use: For centuries, when new technologies come on the scene there’s almost an instinctive human reaction, particularly among those who are challenged by the new technology, to blame the technology for any […]

One man’s junk

There’s a famous story about the first item sold on eBay: [T]he site began with the listing of a single broken laser pointer. Though Pierre [Omidyar, eBay’s founder] had intended the listing to be a test more than a serious offer to sell at auction, he was shocked when the item sold for $14.83. Pierre […]

Free Neighbourhood WiFi at Queen and Parliament

Inspired by Peter Rukavina’s experiments with mesh networking, I ordered three Meraki Minis this week, and installed two of them this morning. One sits on a bookshelf in our living room, and the other points north out our back window. You can see the status of the network, named Corktown, right here online. And if […]

They turned off the tap

Since moving into my new apartment last August, I’ve enjoyed free WiFi courtesy of one of my neighbours. I’m not sure whether it’s altruism or ignorance, but judging by their router’s SSID (“default”), my money’s on the latter. Anyway, for the past few months, it’s been great — a nice, strong, reliable signal. For free! […]