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The CRTC’s CBC online consultation has an RSS feed

CBC’s radio and television licenses are up for renewal, and as part of the process, the CRTC has launched an online consultation. They’re asking eight questions: How can the CBC be relevant and meaningful in the future? How can the CBC best deliver content to all Canadians? Should the CBC only provide different programs and […]

Work at CBC

About a year ago, frustrated by the CBC’s terrible online job board, I used Yahoo Pipes to jerry-rig an unofficial CBC Jobs RSS feed and Twitter account. The feeds chugged along just fine (and¬†largely¬†unattended) for almost a year. Then, CBC HR asked to take over the Twitter account. So I handed it over to them. […]

Bake it in

According to Tony Schwartz, the key to getting things done is habit, ritual, and routine: Most everyone I meet feels pulled in more directions than ever, expected to work longer hours, and asked to get more done, often with fewer resources. But in these same audiences, there are also, invariably, a handful of people who […]

Segmentation matters

This American Life has split its back catalog of shows up into individual stories (or “acts” in TAL parlance): First off, on each episode page, in addition to the big PLAY button at the top, there are now play buttons for individual stories. No more shuttling through audio to get to that one story your […]

Do I want an app that tells me what I like?

This week’s CBC tech column is all about the double-edged sword of online personalization. There’s a copy up at, and one below for posterity. === Last week, a Vancouver-based app-maker called Zite launched a new iPad application of the same name that it bills as “a personalized iPad magazine that gets smarter as you […]

Live radio + realtime social media

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of doing a short talk on “social media” for many of the hosts and producers of local and regional CBC Radio afternoon shows. I’ve talked about social media and radio before, mostly in the context of Spark. But here’s the thing: local and regional afternoon shows are completely different […]

How to be smart about buying an ebook reader, digital camera, or HDTV

This week, my CBC Radio tech column focused on holiday gadget-buying. I looked at three gadget categories: ebook readers, digital cameras, and HDTVs. The focus wasn’t on what to buy, but rather, how to be smart about buying it. I do my columns eighteen times every Tuesday (on most CBC Radio One afternoon shows). Here’s […]

App stores jump out of your pocket, onto your desktop

Updated:   or listen below. This week’s CBC Radio tech column is all about app stores. They’ve been incredibly successful on mobile devices, and now, both Apple and Google are set to launch app stores for desktop computers. It’s widely anticipated that the Google Chrome Web Store will launch today, and there are rumours that […]

Archiving GeoCities: my full interview with Jason Scott

About a year ago, Yahoo shut down GeoCities. Before the site was shuttered forever, a group called the Archive Team decided to grab as much GeoCities content as possible. They got almost a terabyte, and now plan to release it all as a torrent. My CBC Radio tech column this Tuesday will be about GeoCities, […]

An open API for public media

So, according to Poynter, all the big US public media organizations are getting together to work on an open API: “I really err on the side of openness and inclusiveness,” [CEO of PRX Jake] Shapiro said. Public media, he said, is uniquely suited for this work because of its public service mission — “to make […]