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The long tail of audio

I spent this past weekend at the Third Coast public radio conference in Chicago. In many of the sessions, and hallway conversations, and up-way-too-late-at-a-public-radio-conference-mostly-drunk rants, you could feel a sense of renewed excitement around podcasting, and the wave of independence and entrepreneurship we’re seeing in this space. Then, this morning in my inbox, via Seth’s […]

The CBC’s crummy low-bitrate MP3 streams, and what to do about them

About six weeks ago, without any apparent warning, CBC Radio One’s audio streams switched from MP3 audio to AAC. This left a number of people unable to listen to streaming audio, namely those with internet radio receivers that don’t support AAC. Luckily, a commenter named Brian let me know that Radio One MP3 streams still […]

“Loyalty” ≠ Loyalty

Apparently, CBC management is thinking about a “loyalty” program: [T]he CBC is considering adding game-like challenges on its websites, offering reward points to keep people engaged with the broadcaster’s programming, an approach known in the retail business as “gamification.” Setting aside my belief that most “loyalty” programs are creepy, I find this announcement troubling on […]

What if every show on CBC Radio had a live chat room?

Now they do. I’ve been thinking a lot about radio and live chat ever since I started listening to shows on Dan Benjamin’s 5by5 network. You see, many of the shows on 5by5 are recorded live. If you’re so inclined, you can tune into these shows and listen along in real time as they’re recorded. […]

How not to do geoblocking

I’ll admit that up until yesterday, I was unaware of the CBC Television program The Big Decision. (Aside: I predict that within five years, every single CBC Television program will be based around Dragons’ Den personalities.) Anyway, I didn’t know about The Big Decision, but after following some tweet or another, I found myself on […]

Flipboard does audio, and why segmentation matters

Today, Flipboard added audio playback controls and a new Audio category to its app: The section is searchable but comes with recommended SoundCloud users, as well as popular shows from NPR (National Public Radio) and PRI (Public Radio International). I’ve played with the new Flipboard for a while, and it’s yet another example of why  segmentation matters, and how for public […]

Full list of CBC Music direct URLs

Update July 18, 2013: CBC Music has posted an official list of streams (thx, Colan) === CBC just launched a new music service, imaginatively titled CBC Music. It offers access to 40 web radio stations, a vast array of music and blog posts by CBC personalities through a website and via mobile apps. Rather than listen […]

“That tech show”

Back in June 2007, I got an email from Nora Young. The subject line read: that tech show At the time, I knew Nora had been working on a pitch for a show called Spark. I’d heard the pilots, and they sounded great. But in June 2007, when I first got Nora’s message, I had […]

The Gap

PRX’s Jake Shapiro, on what he calls the public media developer gap: I look around our public media field and beyond and see a worrisome gap. As public broadcasting goes through its own turbulent transition to a new Internet and mobile world, the technology talent gap is a risk that looms large. Yes, there are […]

“how does one get a job producing public radio?”

On a semi-regular basis, I get email messages and telephone calls from people who want to ask me about my job. Usually, it’s someone considering pursuing a career in radio who wants to pick my brain. And I’m happy to oblige. Often, the questions are the same: Is it worth going to school? Are there […]