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My bike is not a health and safety issue

Update¬†September 19, 2013: Success! Thanks to a terrific, sympathetic manager or two (or three), our building’s “no bikes inside” policy will be re-written to accommodate folding bikes like my Brompton. The new rule: I have to keep my bike in a bag. Fair enough. There are a handful of things about our national public broadcaster […]

The Elusive Brompton B Pod

Jenna and I are planning some travel to far-off distant lands, and I’m really keen to take my Brompton folding bicycle along. But how to transport the Brompton without damaging it? The Brompton catalog lists something that I’ve had my eye on for a while: the “B Pod, a semi-rigid flight case; comes with castors […]

So I ordered a Brompton

I love riding my bicycle. I ride it to work, I ride it to school, I ride it to pick up groceries. I use and enjoy my bicycle enough to warrant owning a nice one. But the problem is, I live in a city (and a neighbourhood) where nice bicycles get stolen. Quickly. Thus, for […]

Last bike ride before winter?

Today, I picked up my bicycle from College and Clinton and drove it home. The sun was shining, I had a brand new haircut, and every traffic signal turned green for me just in time. I’m tempted to put my bike away for the winter, because it just doesn’t get much better than that.