Back asswards

I don’t often get my CBC budget cut analysis from the sports section, but maybe I should.

From Bruce Dowbiggin’s take on the recent cuts:

CBC’s core business, its relevance to the public, would probably be in the following order: 1. News and current affairs; 2. Radio; 3. Sports; 4. Light entertainment. The problem with the current CBC is that its executive structure has the order reversed.

Though I’d quibble with Bruce’s list — there are news and current affairs programs on radio, for instance — this rings true to me.

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  1. Thrill says:

    Yup. Sometimes I think people forget that the CBC isn't SUPPOSED to be "just another broadcaster", competing with the private broadcasters who are starved for ratings and validation through advertising. But you need the gov't to realize that, too… So, yes, current affairs and culture are up there. Jeopardy? Not so much.

  2. Bytowner says:

    The idea, I fear, is to encourage the public to forget that fact about CBC…

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