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“The details are not the details. They make the design.”

So the other day, on the walk back from the grocery store, I listened to this past week’s On The Media. It began with a question: is the Golden Age of content sustainable, or just a supernova, a dying star burning exceptionally bright? Then, thirty-one minutes and forty-five seconds later, a small bit of instrumental […]

The CBC’s crummy low-bitrate MP3 streams, and what to do about them

About six weeks ago, without any apparent warning, CBC Radio One’s audio streams switched from MP3 audio to AAC. This left a number of people unable to listen to streaming audio, namely those with internet radio receivers that don’t support AAC. Luckily, a commenter named Brian let me know that Radio One MP3 streams still […]

“At every age we’re wrong”

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of laughing at our former selves. So then, I rather enjoyed John Tierney’s NYT piece about new research into people’s self-perceptions: “Middle-aged people — like me — often look back on our teenage selves with some mixture of amusement and chagrin,” said one of the authors, Daniel T. […]

“Loyalty” ≠ Loyalty

Apparently, CBC management is thinking about a “loyalty” program: [T]he CBC is considering adding game-like challenges on its websites, offering reward points to keep people engaged with the broadcaster’s programming, an approach known in the retail business as “gamification.” Setting aside my belief that most “loyalty” programs are creepy, I find this announcement troubling on […]

All-you-can-watch movies

If you ever find yourself in France for a year, and you want some serious bang for your entertainment buck, I suggest you look no further than an unlimited movie subscription from your local cinema. At the end of January, Jenna and I signed up for something called UGC Illimité 2. For a flat rate […]

What if every show on CBC Radio had a live chat room?

Now they do. I’ve been thinking a lot about radio and live chat ever since I started listening to shows on Dan Benjamin’s 5by5 network. You see, many of the shows on 5by5 are recorded live. If you’re so inclined, you can tune into these shows and listen along in real time as they’re recorded. […]

Kickstarter gets a little less open

Late last month, Kickstarter quietly removed its “Open Hardware” category, and added a broader “Hardware” category. At the same time, Kickstarter re-categorized every single “Open Hardware” project (past and present) into this new “Hardware” category. I reached out to Kickstarter about this. “This is not a policy change, just a name change,” a representative told […]

Kickstarter now identifies intellectual property disputes

Late last week, I wrote about how Kickstarter was quietly removing projects from their site, despite claiming otherwise. The removed projects were replaced with a simple message stating: “Sorry, this project is no longer available.” To date, at least 14 projects have been taken down in this way (Kicktraq has a good list). Most of […]

Despite claiming otherwise, Kickstarter quietly removes projects

“Transparency is vital on Kickstarter.” Or so says their FAQ. But if you look closely enough, Kickstarter isn’t living up to its own transparency promises. It seems that Kickstarter has quietly removed several projects from its site, despite claiming that they never do this. Again, from their FAQ: How long does a project remain on […]

Introducing The KickBack Machine

A few months ago, I wrote a bit about Kickstarter, and how they hide (or at the very least, make it very difficult to find) failed projects. I believe that when it comes to crowdfunding, there’s much to learn from past projects — both successes and failures. And I’m not the only one who feels […]