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Podcasts are based on loyalty

Speaking of audio (not) going viral, in episode 76 of Unprofessional, Marco Arment makes an important point about podcast listenership: [47:46] Podcasts are a very different kind of medium than most other things on the web. Most “new media” is all about getting this flood of hits, and things “going viral” (or whatever that means), and […]

Our former selves

As anyone who’s been to Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids probably knows, I’m fascinated by the relationships we have with our former selves. Most often, when a person gets up on stage to read juvenilia at GRTTWaK, there’s a distance. A distance between who they were, and who they are now. At a […]

How I ditched my voice plan and went data-only

One year ago, I decided to take my iPhone data-only. No voice plan. No texting plan. Just sweet, sweet data. I don’t like paying for things that I don’t use, and I rarely use the telephone part of my iPhone. That is, I don’t make many voice calls over the cell network. So I figured […]


Exactly one year ago today, October 22, Jenna and I booked a one-way transatlantic crossing aboard the Queen Mary 2. Originally, the idea was more joke than anything else. “Wouldn’t it be funny?” we’d ask each other. But the truth was, after almost a year living in France, we needed to get home to Toronto […]

My bike is not a health and safety issue

Update September 19, 2013: Success! Thanks to a terrific, sympathetic manager or two (or three), our building’s “no bikes inside” policy will be re-written to accommodate folding bikes like my Brompton. The new rule: I have to keep my bike in a bag. Fair enough. There are a handful of things about our national public broadcaster […]

Light bulbs and laser beams

This past week, I borrowed John Maeda’s The Laws of Simplicity from the Toronto Public Library. It’s a slim book, but it gave me a lot to chew on. While discussing his sixth law (Context), Maeda says: I was once advised by my teacher Nicholas Negroponte to become a light bulb instead of a laser […]

So long, Empire Theatres

So, Sobeys is getting out of the movie business by selling 24 of its Empire Theatres locations to Cineplex. I started working part-time at the Empire Theatres in Bedford, Nova Scotia in the spring of 1999 for $5.50 an hour. I know this because I still have one of my first paystubs: I worked at […]

That time I was 30

A year ago this evening, I was enjoying dinner with Tristan at Joseph Leonard in the West Village. I had a steak, many tiny French pickles, and perhaps one too many Hendrick’s and tonics. I was in New York to take part in ITP Summer Camp at NYU. Tristan was in New York to get […]

Curiousity-driven work

Jason Fried wrote about what he calls the “Two i’s” – important and interesting: For a long time I’ve felt like the only thing worth working on is the next most important thing. Why spend time working on something that’s less important if there’s something more important that needs work? I’ve changed my mind on […]