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iTunes Smart App Banners work for podcasts, too

Starting with iOS 6, Apple introduced Smart App Banners. If you’re an iPhone person, you’ve probably seen these things at the top of mobile websites, prompting you to download a corresponding app. They link right to the iTunes app store. I recently learned that iTunes Smart App Banners aren’t just for apps. They work for […]

The long tail of audio

I spent this past weekend at the Third Coast public radio conference in Chicago. In many of the sessions, and hallway conversations, and up-way-too-late-at-a-public-radio-conference-mostly-drunk rants, you could feel a sense of renewed excitement around podcasting, and the wave of independence and entrepreneurship we’re seeing in this space. Then, this morning in my inbox, via Seth’s […]

I’m going on tour

CBC Radio has comissioned 10 episodes of Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids, based on the tiny little reading series I started back in 2007. That means a 10-city tour. It’s really difficult to explain how excited I am about this.

An argument for a digital-first CBC

Paul Adams, writing about the future of the CBC for iPolitics: Right now, CBC treats its website as if it were an industrial by-product of the broadcast networks, like a slaughterhouse that sells off the bones for fertilizer and the hooves for glue. It’s an afterthought. From where I sit, this feels accurate.

This is Radio

I just finished watching this episode of Andrew Norton‘s This is Radio, all about Roman Mars’s 99% Invisible: Really lovely. Looking forward to watching the other installments.

Bagless Bromptons

Remember that time I wasn’t allowed to bring my Brompton folding bicycle inside the CBC? After raising a big fuss, I was eventually allowed to bring my bike inside, with the stipulation that it must be kept in a bag. I bought a Brompton cover from our neighbourhood Brompton dealer, Switchback Cyclery, and all has […]

How to fix a Tivoli radio tuning problem

Years ago, we bought a Tivoli Model One radio for our kitchen. At first, the tuning was rock-solid. But recently, the radio started drifting. Over time, the tuning knob got very touchy. Even if I was able to successfully tune a station, the LED would glow bright for a moment, then quickly fade. Left long […]


Last week, I was part of a panel discussion at my alma mater (and sometimes employer) Ryerson University, talking about “Radio in a Digital Age” alongside Steve “Dangle” Glynn, Raina Douris, and moderator/former-prof/sometimes-boss Lori Beckstead. The video’s online now: Lori sent out a few questions in advance of the panel, and I used them to […]

Patrick Stewart pledge drive messages

Patrick Stewart’s WNYC pledge drive spots seem custom-made for people (like me) who: a) enjoy public radio b) grew up loving Star Trek: The Next Generation. I’m willing to bet there’s a fair amount of overlap in that particular Venn diagram. Listen to all four spots over at PRX. (Via Stephen Quinn)

Digital-first audio

Two interesting stories from the world of American public radio last week. First, the creation of Radiotopia, a new podcast network: With $200,000 in funding from the Knight Foundation, PRX will attempt to create a new model for what they call “digital-first audio programming.” The seven shows will make up a collective, helping to market […]