An extremely pleasant customer service experience

Sometime in 2007, I bought a pair of Blundstones from the Australian Boot Company. They were great boots, and they became very very comfortable over time. This morning, I noticed that the sole of the left boot was coming apart:

Broken Blundstones :(

I sent a quick email to the Queen Street location, with a link to the photo, asking for suggestions. About ten minutes later, I received a response from an actual human being named Andria. She told me to bring the boots in to have them assessed for warranty.

I brought my boots to the shop after work this evening, and they replaced them with a brand new pair, under warranty, with no receipt (Andria found a record of my purchase in their database).

Colour me impressed.

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  1. Tom Lucier says:

    This EXACT thing is happening with my relatively new Blundstones too…JUST THIS WEEK!

    Bizarre that you post about this now.

    I think I may send an e-mail.

  2. maureen says:

    Just my two cents: I had a pair of Blundstones, bought them in the autumn. Wore them for the entire winter (with an extra pair of socks for warmth) and found by the springtime that the leather had worn out in a couple spots. I took a picture and emailed them, was advised to bring them in and, because the store didn't have the right kind anymore, got a 100% cash refund!

    Amazing customer service.

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